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Latest work done of my one and only Sully!

new portrait instragram! @meghanbacsoportraits

I’ve just started a new Instagram account so you all can stay updated with my portrait happenings! It doesn’t look like much now but I’ll be posting work in progress photos, finished pieces and news about any promotions I might have going on.

Going to be having an instagram contest soon with a portrait as the prize so please follow so you don’t miss it!

One of the prettiest guys I know, Coach (shown as Westmalle) 
mohawk pony
Whats the name of the horse in the photo you posted of the bay horse jumping with the caption that said "going through some old photos tonight!"

"The New Yorker" :) 

Link to photo here

Hi, I'm so sorry if this is already answered on your blog (I couldn't find it!), but do you do commissions for drawings? If so, do you draw from provided photos, and what prices do you tend to charge? Your work is beyond amazing!

I do sell my portraits! I have a Facebook page here where you can see my works. Prices start at $400 for portraits :) 

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