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Do you own Sully? And do you still horse show? Love your artwork btw it is amazing!

Yes I own Sully— I’ve had him seven years :) I don’t currently show as Sully is recovering from colic surgery. Hopefully we’ll get back in the show ring next year!

And thank you! :) It’s how I occupy all my times these days seeing as I can’t ride

Oil painting! I’m obsessed with how well the hooves turned out <3
Baby Paisley portrait! <3 Had a fun (yet challenging) time capturing her shiny coat and super subtle dapples but am so happy with how this one turned out. :)
post braids forelocks <3
Most recent pastel portrait of the beautiful Soli! Now booking for 2015
How to Children’s Hunter, a lesson by Sully
Fall weather makes me miss riding the most.Trying something new with lettering and want to know if you guys like it! So reblog away if you want to see more like this <3 
a recent portrait by myself in soft pastels! Check out my facebook here or my website xx

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